Chicken Cafreal

1 Large Chicken
100 gms. Saldanha Cafreal Paste
1 Tblsps Ginger/Garlic Paste


Our Hommade Brand of Saldanha Foods is all about a simple and easy way of cooking traditional Goan foods.

This website contains information and recipes for making of all Goan and Portuguese dishes - easy to cook using our hommade brand of Saldanha Goan marinating paste and spice mixes. Every ingredients in the paste and spices mix have been carefully selected and stone ground in a traditional Goan way and vacuum packed to maintain the freshness and aroma of the spices used.

Our marinating pastes and powders contain no artificial preservatives, or artificial colours, allowing the natural flavors and authentic taste. It is sincerely hoped that this recipes will encourage you to continue cooking of Goan foods. - The Traditional way.

Enjoy the tradition of Goan Food, made possible with Saldanha Foods- Goa

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